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Overview of Orchard Road

Orchard is a planning area located in Singapore’s Central Area. It shares the same border with Museum in the southeast, River Valley to the south, Tanglin to the west, and Newton to the north and east. Currently, the area is divided into three subzones, including Tanglin, Somerset, and Boulevard. Orchard is designed with an extensive network of underground infrastructures, including many pedestrian walkways between shopping malls which run under the streets. The area is mainly famous for the Orchard Road, a 2.2 km-long major road which has a variety of shopping malls and tourist destinations. The eastern end of this road lies the Istana, the official office and residence of the President. The house of Lee Kuan Yew – the former Prime Minister is located in the south of the road. There is also a Botanic Garden and many major shopping centers in the region. There are 3 main MRT stations in Orchard planning area, including Dhoby Ghaut, Somerset, and Orchard. These are essential hubs for tourists, students, locals, and commuters to travel around. In addition, the bus services provided by Go-Ahead, Tower Transit, SMRT, and SBS also give access to other areas in Singapore.

Types of Housing in Orchard Road

Orchard is a commercial area. Thus, the number of residents in this region is only around 960 people. In addition to having a variety of shopping malls, there are also many types of housing in Orchard:
Public Housing
There are only a few public housing buildings in Orchard which are subsidized and managed by the HDB. Most of these are constructed since the 90s, which provide the highest standards of living. In spite of affordable prices, they are all equipped with multi-story car parks and other advanced features to optimize the limited land area in the Central Region. Most flats come with two, three or four rooms with a variety of sizes.
Private Condominiums
Condominiums or condos are typically groups of multiple houses or buildings that are built in a confined space. Compared to HDB flats, this type of housing offers more amenities inside the. That is the main reason why so many expats and wealthy families choose these flats to live. The prices for renting or purchasing condominiums can vary a lot, based on their location, age, and size.
Executive Condominiums
Executive condominiums are basically constructed and managed by private developers and come with a variety of facilities such as private condominiums. Nevertheless, this type of housing is also subsidized by the government. Thus, it is ideal for middle-income families.

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Why Part Time Maid Servicing Is Needed in Orchard?

You might think that hiring a domestic house cleaner might be a total luxury. Even when it is true, there are still many benefits which can weigh up the drawbacks. If you don’t believe it, keep reading to find out how an hourly maid service can make your life better.
Convenience of Part Time Maid Servicing
The first and perhaps the most important advantages of hiring a professional cleaning service is that the support of these experts would make your life much more convenient and easier. They will do all the hard work and boring tasks so that you can free up your time and enjoy with your friends and family. More importantly, these services are always available, so you can choose whenever you want to clean, organize, and sanitize your home.
Monetary Savings
Another reason for hiring a helper is that it will help you save money in the long run. While you have to pay a relatively high cost at first, this might turn out to be a wise investment. Most domestic helpers are highly detail-oriented and experienced, which are important features to make sure that every corner in your home is cleaned perfectly. They will know exactly how to clean your home and furniture effectively to make sure they will be free of any damaging factors. In the long term, this will ensure there won’t be any issues with these items, thus keeping you from purchasing or replacing new ones.
Relieve the Stress of Cleaning!
Last but not least, hiring an hourly maid service will help you alleviate the stress and burden of cleaning. In addition to having an organized and clean space, the service will also help you get rid of harmful factors and keep everything completely clean. This means you won’t have to come home quickly after work just to cook dinner or wash your clothes for a special event tomorrow.

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