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Outram is a planning area based in Singapore’s Central Region. It is bordered by Bukit Merah in the west, the Downtown Core in the south and east, and Singapore River in the north. Currently, the area is divided into 4 subzones, including China Square, People’s Park, Pearl’s Hill, and Chinatown. Outram covers a total area of 1.37 km2 and has a total population of around 21,000 people. The area is home to a few major municipal buildings such as the Police Cantonment Complex, Central Narcotics Bureau, SingHealth Services, and Singapore General Hospital. In addition, there is a secondary school situated close to the York Hill. The major public transport facility in Outram is the Outram MRT Station, which lies near the Health Sciences Authority office. The area was named after Sir James Outram, a British general who played an important role in the 1857 Indian rebellion.


The Outram planning area is located in the Central Region of the country. Thus, the housing market is highly developed with many projects and type of housing. These include:
Public Housing or HDB Flats
This type of housing is the most popular in Outram as it is characterized by being very affordable and thus accessible to the public. These flats are subsidized by the government and come at very affordable prices to ensure that college graduates, young professionals, or households with low to medium income can easily afford housing. Most flats come with 3 or 4 rooms with an average size of from 60 to 120 m2. There are often many facilities and amenities provided in proximity to these buildings.
Condominiums are basically complexes of multiple houses or buildings which are constructed in a confined space. Compared to public housing, condominiums are more spacious and offer more premium amenities, driving up the prices. Though prices vary, condominiums are generally expensive, especially in comparison to HDB housing. Due to its high prices, it is mostly expats and wealthy Singaporeans who live in condominiums.
Public-Private Hybrids
This type of building combines characteristics from private condominiums and public housing. Also known as “executive condominiums,” public-private hybrid apartments are developed by private companies but are also subsidized by the government. This type of housing is usually occupied by middle-income individuals and families who can afford more than a HDB flat but less than a private condominium.

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One of the most challenging burdens for most homeowners is to clean their house. It might be dreaded to think of spending the whole weekends just to vacuum, dust, scrub, and scour the room. After all, we are all busy with our daily lives. That’s why it is better to hire a professional hourly cleaning service. If you are still unsure about this option. Let us tell you some reasons:
The best benefit of hiring an hourly cleaning service is that it will make your life much easier and more convenient. When there is someone completing the hard work for you, there will be more free time for you to enjoy with family and friends. And since these services are often available seven days a week, you can call them whenever you want to keep your home always sanitized, organized, and clean.
Getting the professional help of an hourly home cleaning service can be beneficial to improving your quality of living. With experienced and detail-oriented cleaners at your service, you can rest easy knowing that your living space and prized possessions will be dealt with utmost care. You can focus more on the activities that you enjoy most, in the comfort of a clean and spotless home that you deserve.
We all know that a cleaner house is always a healthier and better house. For many homeowners, a messy and dirty living space would be a nightmare which could lead to many troubles or even health issues. Thus, they often feel stressful to clean and get frustrated when they can’t handle everything. By hiring a professional domestic helper, you can relieve the stress. In addition to having an organized and clean space, the service will also help you get rid of harmful factors and keep everything completely clean. After all, spending a small amount of money to enhance your quality of life is totally worth it.

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