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Novena is a planning area which is situated in Singapore’s Central Region. It is bounded by Kallang in the east, Tanglin in the south, Bukit Timah in the west, and Toa Payoh in the north. Currently, the area is divided into five subzones, including Mount Pleasant, Moulmein, Malcolm, Dunearn, and Balestier. Due to its proximity to the Central Area, the land value is extremely high in Novena. There are many commercial facilities and services in the area, including the Novena Square shopping mall, United Square Shopping Mall, which is a kid-oriented mall. In addition, there are some banks here such as UOB and POSB. The Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Novena is one of the busiest and oldest hospitals in the country. A new Care Hub is planned for completion in 2030 in Novena which will include step-down facilities, medical school, hospital, and the Infectious Diseases National Center. The area is connected with other areas by taxis, buses, and MRT. There are total 3 primary schools, 3 secondary schools, and a college in Novena.


Land in this planning area is extremely expensive due to its close proximity to Central Area. Thus, there are only a few HDB buildings in Novena. Most of the houses in the region are private housing and condominiums:
This is the most popular type of house in Novena. These are often groups of multiple houses or buildings that are built in a confined space. While there is a variety of services and facilities for the residents, the prices are extremely high mainly because they are built near the Central Area. The majority of residents in these areas are high-income Singaporeans and expats.
There are also many private properties in Novena, mostly bungalows or shop houses. They often have one, two, or three stories with a yard or garden. Only wealthy people can afford this type of housing. In turn, they can enjoy the ultimate privacy and freedom to design and build their own house.
Public housing projects are quite limited in this planning area. Even though they are subsidized by the government, the renting or purchasing prices are still quite high for most working-class peoples. Most of these are constructed just one or two decades ago, thus providing the highest standards of living. Just like other areas, they are also constructed with many facilities and services to meet their daily needs.

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Having someone else take care of the housework seems to be a strange idea for many people. This is especially true for middle-income families or those with tight budgets. However, it is something that you should do to save money, time, and effort. Still not convinced? Keep reading for three reasons why it is a good idea to hire an hourly maid service.
Save Money on Supplies
Firstly, most helpers always bring their own supplies when coming to your home. If you often clean your home, then you must know that there will be so many supplies, cleaners, tools, and equipment to be involved. To clean the bathroom, for example, you will need a cleaner for the tile, the mirror, the toilet, and the grout. There are so many things to prepares, so why not just hire a cleaning service and let them done for you? It is simple and cost-effective.
Professional Work
Secondly, a professional helper will always do everything better than an amateur like you. Most cleaning tasks are not as simple as you might think. In fact, there are so many tips and tricks that can be applied to get everything done correctly. Without experience and the right methods, it is unlikely for you to make your home organized and clean.
Enhance your Standard of Living
Lastly, hiring an hourly cleaning service will help you stay away from the stress and burdens of cleaning and doing housework. In addition to having an organized and clean space, the service will also help you get rid of harmful factors and keep everything completely clean. This is extremely important to ensure the overall health and wellness in your family in the long run. Also, living in a healthier space will make everybody happier with a raised living standard.

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