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Overview of the Bedok Neighbourhood

Based in the East of Singapore, Bedok is the most populous planning area in the country, with approximately 281,300 people as of 2018. This high demographic is due to the affordable prices of public housing in Bedok’s New Town. In addition to public housing developments, many private residential areas are also common in Bedok, mostly in southwestern and western areas. Bedok covers an area of nearly 9.4 km2 with 42% allocated for residential use. Its perimeter is lined by the Singapore Strait to the southeast and south, as well as 5 other planning areas: Marine Parade in the southwest, Geylang in the west, Tampines in the east and northeast, Hougang in the northwest, and Paya Lebar in the north. Bedok used to be a hilly area, and hence the town’s focal point is a special sports complex and landscaped park constructed on the higher ground. Bedok is divided into 8 subzones with 16 districts, including Bayshore, Bedok North, Bedok Reservoir, Bedok South, Siglap, Kembangan, Kaki Bukit, and Frankel. As of 2016, there are two junior colleges, nine secondary schools, and eleven primary schools in the neighborhood.


As one of the most popular planning areas in Singapore, the housing market in Bedok is highly developed with a variety of housing models. Basically, there are three main types of houses in Bedok. These include:
Public Housing or HDB Flats
As the name suggests, this type of housing is built and managed by the HDB or Housing and Development Board. Since these projects are subsidized significantly by the government, the prices are much more affordable than that of private properties. Currently, there are approximately 58,000 HDB flats in Bedok, with most of these as three-room and four-room units.
Condominiums are usually constructed larger when compared to public housing flats. Also, these areas are often equipped with a variety of recreational facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, squash courts, fitness centers, BBQ areas, playgrounds, as well as security services and enclosed car parks. These features drive their higher selling prices and require regular maintenance.
Public-Private Hybrids
This type of housing is a bit smaller than a condominium but larger than an HDB flat. Public-private hybrids are created to meet the needs of young couples who can afford more than a public housing apartment but find private flats out of reach. This type often has the same facilities and amenities as private condominiums but with less premium services.

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No matter if you are living in a luxurious house or a small apartment, it is always important to keep your house clean and fresh to ensure the quality of life. While these routine tasks can be done easily, there are many benefits of hiring an hourly maid service:
Comprehensive Cleaning
Not every homeowner knows how to clean properly, thus leaving bacteria and germs in many areas. Over time, this might cause harmful conditions in your houses and lead to some serious health issues. An experienced house cleaner is highly trained to keep every corner of your living space free from these elements. For example, she can do the dishes, mop the floor, vacuum the carpet, do the laundry, and get rid of the garbage. More importantly, the helper understands how to choose the right cleaners or handle sensible stuff with extra care and avoid any accidents that many people often experience.
Save Your Time and Effort
Life can be busy in Singapore, especially when you have a full-time job. Stress and work-related pressure can make it harder for you to focus on other matters. Thus, hiring an hourly maid service seems to be a great option to relieve your burden and keep your house always organized. With the assistance of these house cleaners, you won’t have to worry about leaving your kids at home or cleaning your rooms daily and have the piece of mind to enjoy life. Nothing is better than returning from work and walking into your home, which clean, tidy, cozy, and welcoming.
Optimal Option
Hiring a house cleaning service in Bedok is not as expensive as many homeowners usually think. In fact, the amount of time you save from doing these tasks can be saved for more important activities that you enjoy or plan to do. These house helpers are also experienced and will certainly perform much quicker and more efficiently than you. Also, if your house is cleaned regularly and properly, it will enhance the appearance and value of your living space.

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