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Bishan is a mature residential town situated in the northernmost area of Singapore’s Central Region. It shares the same border with Serangoon in the east, Toa Payoh in the south, Ang Mo Kio in the north, and Central Water Catchment in the west. With a total population of 90,700 people and area of 7.62 km2, the area is the 15th in population density in the country. Previously, Bishan belonged to a cemetery which mostly served the Hakka and Cantonese communities until 1973 when it was acquired for real estate development. Currently, the planning area is divided into three subzones, including Bishan East, Upper Thompson, and Marymount. There is a variety of infrastructures and facilities in the region. The Bishan Sports Center houses a stadium, a sports hall, and swimming complex, and a dance studio which cater to both professional athletes and the general public. The area is also home to 2 of the most prestigious educational institutions in Singapore, Raffles Institution and Catholic High School. There are up to seven shopping centers which are dispersed in different locations of the neighborhood.


The residential area of Bishan is home to some of Singapore's most unique housing spaces, given its convenient location and distance to other areas of Singapore. In summary, there are 3 main types of housing in the Bishan area:
HDB Flats
The most popular type of housing in Bishan is government-built high-rise apartment blocks, also known as HDB flats. There is a mixture of 3, 4, and 5-room HDB flats with a variety of sizes, ranging from 1300 to 1500 square feet. The majority of these blocks are four-room flats, with a few being three and five. Building numbers range 1, being the smallest one, to 25, which is the largest one. The Bishan New Town was actually the first area in the country to depart from brutalist design with slab-like buildings found in most HDB towns. Instead, most residential buildings come with different heights and are usually dislocated. Many flats also feature pitched roofs that are closely related with the Bishan’s skyline.
Private Properties
As part of the housing space, there are also multiple clusters of pre-existing private housing around the Bishan area. These properties are mostly bungalows or semi-detached terrace houses. They often have one, two, or three stories with a yard or garden. Only wealthy people can afford this type of housing. In turn, they can enjoy the ultimate privacy and freedom to design and build their own house.
Private Condominiums
In addition, there are many condominiums and private properties in Country Grandeur and Clover. Most of these projects are constructed as the extension of pre-existing private housing, which leads to a disjointed layout. They are mostly located around the Bishan MRT Station, especially in Shunfu and Bishan North. This results in quite high real estate prices for these private residential buildings. In turn, residents in these areas have opportunities to enjoy better services and facilities, as well as closer distances to the center.

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Since a flat or house is often a significant property of most people, it is necessary to ensure it is always in the best condition. Even though you can do it on your own, it is really time-consuming and boring. Fortunately, there is a better option to help you deal with these issues: hiring a house cleaning service. Here are 3 reasons why:
Keep your home clean and beautiful
Firstly, regular cleaning with a domestic helper is certainly the best way to ensure your living space is always fresh and clean. If you leave your flat for weeks without mopping or washing, dust and bacteria will quickly build up and cause many health issues. Thus, hourly maid service will help you get rid of these harmful elements and allow for a healthy living space. More importantly, it will also enhance the beauty of your home and impress any guests or friends.
Improve Productivity
While many cleaning tasks seem to be simple and straightforward, it can be challenging to perform them quickly without sacrificing the efficiency. For a small apartment, it might take you at least a few hours just to mop and vacuum, which can be extremely time-consuming. Thus, having these activities done by a house cleaner might be a better solution because they are highly trained and experienced in cleaning. With the right methods and techniques, all of your requirements can be achieved within a few hours with perfection and dedication.
Spend Time on Useful Things
As said earlier, cleaning is time-consuming and boring. Thus, it is a good idea to have it done by someone professional and enjoy your free time with family or friends. These days, time is money, so trying to save a few dollars by spending 3 or 4 hours at night to clean your home might be not a wise decision. Though a home cleaning service can be a bit costly for many people, the amount of time or effort you save from doing these tasks could compensate your invested amount.

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