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Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

March 11, 2017

Clean Home, Clean Offices

A clean home allows for good relaxation, conversely, a clean office enhances productivity at work! You should demand the same level of cleanliness at work as you do at home. If you want the same high standard of cleaning that Homefresh is providing for your home to be provided for your office too, you should check out our sister company OfficeCleanz which provides office cleaning services!

About OfficeCleanz

OfficeCleanz is one of the leading office cleaning services in Singapore. Currently, OfficeCleanz employs over 100 cleaners and services more than 300 clients in Singapore. Some notable clients include Propnex, Popular Bookstores, Marriott Hotel Group, Ferrari, the Ministry of Home Affairs and many other Fortune 500 companies, government departments and small medium enterprises.

Why OfficeCleanz

Clients choose OfficeCleanz because of the following factors

  • NEA Licensed: OfficeCleanz is fully licensed under the NEA Environmental Cleaning framework. This means that all of its cleaners are regularly sent for NEA courses to increase their cleaning ability, and the company also adheres to the best practices when it comes to managing their cleaners
  • $500,000 of Public Liability Insurance: OfficeCleanz has S$500,000 of public liability insurance, which is significantly higher than industry average. With such a high level of coverage, you can have a peace of mind
  • Trusted by Top Firms in Singapore: OfficeCleanz got to where it is today because of it’s dedication towards quality service. They take pride in customer satisfaction and this shows in the amount of loyal brand name clients that they have.

Affordable Rates

Aside from offering top notch service, OfficeCleanz also has one of the most affordable rates in the market. Cleaning service rates start at only $12 an hour. Some sample package rate are as below:

  1. One session a week, three hours per session – $240/mth
  2. Five sessions a week, three hours per session – $900/mth
  3. Full time cleaner, Five sessions a week, 8 hours a session – S$1760/mth

These are some of the lowest rates in the market, and OfficeCleanz is able to bring you top quality service at such low rates because of the management efficiency of the company.

Perhaps the biggest draw to the service by OfficeCleanz is the fact that if your cleaner falls sick, or does not show up on that day, OfficeCleanz will send you a replacement cleaner and that is fully covered in the rates above.

So if you need any office cleaning, do check our their website (click on the hyperlink).

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