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How to Organise Your Wardrobe - Best Closet Organization Tips

September 29, 2020

Tired of your messy and cluttered wardrobe? You’re not alone. A clean, organised closet is something that everyone should aim for their clothes and accessories. 

Aside from the satisfaction and pleasure it brings, it can also improve your productivity. How? It streamlines your morning or evening routine, letting you find things in an instant and dress up a lot faster than usual with a disorganised wardrobe.

In this simple and easy guide, we’re giving you 15 fool-proof ways to declutter and organize your wardrobe — from life hacks you never knew existed all the way to clever tricks that can help you save more space!

How to Organize Your Wardrobe: 15 Best Closet Organisation Tips

an organised walk-in closet

1. Declutter your clothes by category

A sure way to declutter your wardrobe is to sort and organize everything by type and category. This means separating your t-shirts, shorts, pants and other different clothing types in their respective sections. Accessories are also included!

Once you’ve decluttered everything, you will have a better idea of the things you can already let go — and the things that you want to prioritize and move up your cabinet or dividers.

For things you no longer need, consider donating them or even holding a garage sale to find new owners for these pre-loved items.

2. Empty and clean the closet regularly

The key to any clean and organised closet is maintaining it regularly. That’s why it’s always recommended to set a consistent schedule where you can dust everything and toss out things you no longer need.

Getting rid of dust and dirt will also help you preserve the quality of your clothes. Not only that, it can be a great way to shed off the extra calories by doing all that decluttering and cleaning!

3. Store your clothes by category

When clothes and accessories are grouped together by type, it’s a lot easier for you to sift through them every time you dress up. So whether it’s a stack of t-shirts, a collection of denim pants, or even a set of accessories, it’s always best to categorize them in groups.

4. Always hang delicate fabrics

hanging delicate fabrics inside a closet

If you have a closet full of silk, satin, wool and other delicate pieces of clothing, this one’s for you. To preserve the quality of these fabrics, it’s always best practice to hang them in a rack inside your wardrobe collection.

Folding them in half or lumping them with other usual fabrics such as cotton or polyester can not only irritate them, but can also give you a hard time organising in the long run. This is a common tip that goes along with every homeowner asking the question “How to organise wardrobe?”

5. Use coordinating hangers and accessories

Tired of sifting your way through a sea of shirts, pants, jackets and other things in your closet? Use coordinating hangers and accessories! This will help you give your closet a more streamlined look, allowing you to reach through a specific top or bottom in no time.

You can get neon or wired hangers to get you started, and you can assign each hanger type to a specific clothing group of your choice. Imagine your collection of pink sweaters in pastel-colored neon hangers. Sounds like a dream, right?

6. Stack thick clothing to save space

a man holding a stack of plaid clothes

For thick clothes like sweaters, shirts and jackets, folding them is a great way to save additional space. Simply fold these fabrics neatly and stack them on top of another for a neat and organised storage look.

Now that you can see them in big, clean stacks, you will have an easier time reaching out to whatever you need.

7. Roll small clothes into storage boxes

rolled clothes in storage boxes

Got a large collection of leggings, polyester shorts and cotton t-shirts? Save more space by folding them neatly into tiny rolls using the toll and tuck technique.

This is a proven way to reduce closet clutter and improve your overall wardrobe space. Since these clothes are very thin and made of durable fabrics, they will have an easier time fitting into your tiny rolls. Did we mention they look pretty cute too?

8. Store your go-to clothes at eye level

a young girl hanging her clothes insider her wardrobe

For your clothing staples and go-to pieces, keep them at eye level by using a hanger so it’s easier to spot and reach to each item. Meanwhile, put your rarely used clothes and least-worn items at the bottom of your closet or somewhere far below the top shelf.

9. Color code your wardrobe

Organising your clothes by color can be a tedious task to do, but it can do your closet wonders — visually and functionally! Simply collect your clothing pieces and categorize them by color — whether it’s black, white, red, pink or orange. Then choose a spot for each of these color groups to live in inside your closet. A helpful tip: arrange them by priority in terms of your most-worn to least-used color groups.

10. Use dividers to save more space

Another great way to organize your closet is by using a tiny wardrobe organizer such as a divider to separate each clothing group. This is especially helpful for socks, underwear, and even your accessories. They are also compact and easy to use, taking up as little space as possible inside your closet.

11. Hang accessories to save space

If you’re the type to store necklaces, bracelets and other trinkets inside your closet, then it’s time to discover the magic and convenience of hooks! Simply place these nifty tack-ons by the cabinet door or even along the walls of your closet drawer. Make sure to do it right and you’ll be surprised at how they can keep everything neat and organised.

12. Utilize the corners of your wardrobe closet

white baskets inside a closet

Did you know that the corners of your closet can also help you save additional space? You can place tiny baskets, boxes or even installable basket drawers in between these spaces for additional storage options. Make sure to don’t go overboard with these add-ons or you’ll be doing your closet more harm than good!

13. Store small items in drawers

When it comes to tiny accessories and small clothing items, the best option is to always store them inside the drawers. You don’t even have to get wardrobe organisers for these pieces. Since these items are prone to disappearing, doing this can help you secure them at all times. Because who wants to find a pair of earrings tucked underneath their favorite pair of leggings, right?

14. Stack your shoes

Keep your shoes stacked on top of another by using a rack or any multi-layered storage box. Since your kicks are prone to dust and dirt, doing this will help them stay neat and organised. This will also prevent your clothes from catching any unnecessary dirt. Organizing a wardrobe using this hack is definitely a must.

15. Use baskets to save space

Tired of stacking your clothes on top of one another? Try using baskets as a wardrobe organiser! Simply place your folded shirts and underwear inside any of these storage spaces and be surprised at how much space you can save!

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