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Your Living Room Deep Cleaning Checklist

June 22, 2020

Deep cleaning the living room? Here’s a complete living room cleaning checklist guide to help you breeze through the whole process:

1. Dust all items and furnishings

Before you even proceed with the dirty work of deep cleaning the room, start first by dusting the furniture and electronic appliances. Simply get a microfiber cloth and a gentle household spray cleaner. Wipe through each surface and electronics gently and thoroughly to make sure the dust and dirt are collected properly.

2. Disinfect the phone, remote controls and accessories in the room

After dusting off the elements in the living room, disinfect other overlooked items when cleaning such as the telephone, remote controls and other handheld accessories. You can use a disinfectant spray for this and a microfiber cloth. You can also use sanitizing wipes for easy application and disposal.

3. Clean the upholstery

Clean your sofa, chairs and ottomans by patting them to eliminate dust and other dirty particles. Afterwards, go over the fabric for each item with a dry-cleaning sponge if they seem unusually soiled. If these items look like in dire need of good cleaning, remove the coverings right away and proceed to deep laundry cleaning.

4. Wipe the windows clean

Use a newspaper, a squeegee, or a microfiber cloth to wipe the windows clean of any marks and stains. For this step, you can also use a special glass cleaning solution or a few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with water. Whatever cleaning item and solution you choose, you can be assured that your window will end up looking good and clean once again.

5. Eliminate dust from fixtures

After dusting off the electronics and accessories, you still have one last dusting requirement left: the ceiling fixtures. Get an extendable duster to clean the ceiling fan, light fixtures and even the ceiling aircon in your living room.

6. Clean drawers and cabinets

Open all drawers and cabinets in the living room and wipe them free from any dust or dirt using a microfiber cloth. Since most of these are made of wood, consider using a gentle cleaning solution to avoid damaging the material.

7. Vacuum drapes and blinds

To fully eliminate any dust particles in the room, place your attention to your drapes and blinds. If you have a vacuum cleaner, just get the brush attachment and suction each section thoroughly until you’re able to see their original color. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can still get the same cleaning results by using a damp microfiber cloth.

8. Wipe the decorations and artworks

Use a microfiber cloth and a gentle glass cleaner to wipe off dust and dirt formations from photo frames and artworks. Apply a generous amount of the solution to the cloth and wipe the items in a circular motion.

9. Vacuum sheets and covers

Using your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment, go over the entire surface of the furniture’s sheets and covers to remove dust and dirt. Do this in long, regular strokes repeatedly until you’re able to see the sheets’ original colors once again. If the problem still persists, consider laundering these items for a deep and thorough clean.

10. Change the furniture sheets

Replace the sheets of the furniture to avoid dust and dust mites from collecting through time. Simply collect all of them in a laundry bag and launder right away to avoid the occurrence of hardened stains. 

11. Dust, mop or vacuum the floors

After cleaning all items and accessories in the living room, it’s time to turn your attention to the floor. For carpeted floors, use a vacuum cleaner to restore the fabric’s original color and shine. If you’re dealing with wood, ceramic or other stone surfaces, simply use a cleaning mop to wipe the floor of any dust or markings.

12. Freshen up the living room

After you’re done doing all tasks in this living room cleaning checklist, finish it off by jazzing up the room with a whiff of your favorite scent. You can use a scented disinfectant spray, a scented candle or an aroma diffuser for this fun and easy finisher.

Get our living room deep cleaning checklist by saving the image below!

living room cleaning checklist template
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