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How to Clean Your Mattress in 10 Simple Steps

July 8, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone to spend most of their time at home, a lot of people have also started upgrading their home furniture and appliances. 

When it comes to the bedroom, the common upgrades have been usually reserved for study desks, gaming consoles and the bed mattress. 

While the first two items are fairly easy to clean and maintain, the same thing can’t be said for bed mattresses. This main household item can harbor different types of dirt and irritants — from dust mites, dead skin, body hair and other types of debris you can never imagine.

So considering a mattress is a big investment, it’s important that you pull out all the stops in order to keep it extra clean and durable. After all, you spend about a third of your life on your mattress. No big deal, if you ask us.

In this guide, we will take you through a step-by-step process of how to clean a mattress — from dusting, washing and all the way to flipping it clean.

How to Clean Mattress: A Step-by-Step Guide

lifting a white mattress

1. Gather your cleaning materials

Before you even get started with cleaning the mattress, you will need to assemble your cleaning materials first. Here’s a sample list of mattress cleaning essentials:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Enzyme cleaner
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • Baking soda powder
  • Cold water

2. Strip the sheets from the bed

Remove the sheets, pillowcases and mattress covers for cleaning in the washing machine. Make sure to remove each sheet properly to avoid tearing away the fabric.

3. Wash the bedding

For best results in washing, take them for a spin in hot water mixed with a powerful laundry detergent. Hot water will do the trick in removing harmful dust mites and other dirty particles.

4. Vacuum the mattress

Using your vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment, go through each and every corner off the mattress to suck out all the deep-seated dirt. After cleaning the top surface, go through the sides and work your way to the other side of the mattress. It’s important that you pay special attention to the seams to get rid of any hidden dust or dirt.

5. Remove mattress stains

Tough stains on your mattress? Spot-cleaning is your best friend! 

If you’re getting rid of stains, always remember not to soak your mattress in water or even apply a cleaning solution directly to it. The best way to go at it is by using a stain remover to do the trick. 

Spray an enzyme cleaner to a clean white cloth and proceed to blot it on the affected area. Repeat this process until you’re satisfied with the results. This method is especially helpful if you’re dealing with blood, vomit, sweat or urine stains.

If you don’t have any enzyme cleaner at home, you can opt for a more au naturale approach. Just mix your dishwashing soap and water in a container. For a tougher combo, use cold water and hydrogen peroxide.

6. Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress

Letting your mattress dry under the sun is a good way to eliminate any tough-smelling odor. But if you find that this is not an option, simply sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the mattress.

Baking soda is good for breaking down acid and absorbing moisture and odor, making it the perfect home cleaning ingredient for this step. Complement this process by opening the windows to let fresh air take out any of the remaining odor and moisture.

7. Vacuum the entire mattress again

After doing the baking soda trick, it’s time to go through the mattress with the vacuum cleaner again. This will help ensure that your mattress will be fully rid of any dust or dirt that wasn’t removed during the first go.

8. Flip the mattress

After doing all the steps above, pat yourself on the back because you’ve just finished cleaning the top side of the mattress!

Now, it’s time to repeat the process by cleaning the other side of the mattress. Simply flip the mattress and follow the same steps above.

It can sound tedious and time-consuming but this is extra helpful in making sure your mattress stays durable and germ-free for a long time.

9. Cover the mattress

After going through all these steps, you should now have successfully cleaned your mattress! 

To protect your mattress from catching any unnecessary dirt, make sure to cover it with a fresh set of sheets, pillowcases and cover once done. 

You may also consider putting a mattress protector to keep your bed safe from spills, dirt and the whole range of dirty and pesky particles.

10. Prevent dust from setting in

A good tip to consider to prevent the chances of dust from setting in is by using fitted sheets. When regularly washed and disinfected, these sheets offer no room for dust and other dirty particles from entering and multiplying in your mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Done Right

If you are in need of a professional mattress cleaning service in Singapore to clean your mattress, give us a call here at Luce SG! Our team of friendly cleaners are here to help you restore your carpet back to its original sparkle and shine. Call or message us today for a free consultation!

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