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How to Clean Your Flat-Screen TV - Best Way to Clean a TV

July 16, 2020

Watching your favorite show or movie on a big and bright screen is a sure way to immerse yourself in a period of an hour or two. But what if dust, fingerprints and pesky smudges start getting in the way of your view? That can’t be a good way to seek entertainment while in total lockdown, right?

If you have a flat-screen TV at home, then chances are you’re aware of how sensitive it can get over the slightest smudge or dirt. When left uncleaned, these particles can sit on the screen’s surface, making them a big distraction and pain to look at.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a step-by-step cleaning guide to help you tidy up your television screen — letting you get back to your binge-watch without the problem of any distraction.

How to Clean a TV Screen: 4 Easy Steps

minimalist living area with black flat screen tv

1. Dust it off with a soft cloth

Most of the time, what your TV screen only needs is some good wiping action to remove any dust or dirt marks.

Modern television screens are specially designed to give you optimum brightness and clarity even with the presence of these marks and stains. But when left uncleaned, it can also soon interfere with your viewing experience. 

So before you do any major deep cleaning, try to dust the screen off with a soft microfiber cloth. Simply spritz a modest amount of a special television screen cleaner on the cloth and wipe at the surface carefully to remove the stains. Never spray directly on the screen as it can damage the screen’s material.

Afterwards, you’ll have a good picture of whether you’re all done or you still need to do any additional cleaning.

2. Remove smudges and additional marks

If you’re done doing the first step and you still see traces of pesky marks on the screen, it’s time to give it another go.

Just put some more cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth and wipe through the stained area once again. You can also nudge off any hardened bits on the screen using your fingernail. But make sure to do this very carefully — you wouldn’t want to suddenly scratch the screen by doing too much rubbing.

3. Wipe buttons and controls

Apart from cleaning the actual screen, it’s also important that you give the surrounding buttons and controls a good round of wiping. 

Simply pour some more solution onto the cloth and wipe at every button and control until they’re fully rid of dust and dirt.

4. Clean the remote control

cleaning the remote control

Now that you’ve finally cleaned the screen and its controls, it’s time to turn your attention to an accessory that contains more bacteria and germs than the two combined: the remote control.

Because a lot of people have access to the remote, it can easily become a host to different types of bacteria and germs after a significant period of time.

To clean the remote, take out the batteries first to make sure it won’t interfere with the television set. Afterwards, go through each button and corner by wiping them with the cleaning solution. It’s best to go at them lightly to avoid the risk of buttons or controls getting stuck or dislodged.

5 Tips to Keep Your TV Screen Clean

Now that you know how to clean your TV screen, here are five helpful tips that you can do to prevent it from gathering dust and dirt:

1. Clean it daily or weekly

The cardinal rule to keeping things extra clean and dirt-free is to stick to a consistent cleaning schedule. Whether it’s your living room, bathroom, refrigerator or your TV screen, each space or appliance needs to receive regular wiping and spot-cleaning every now and then.

For best results, you can clean your television daily by giving it a gentle wipe every morning or before going to bed. However, if you find that this is too frequent, you can adjust it to 3x a week or even once a week. What’s important is that you can give it attention on a frequent basis.

2. Never spray cleaning solutions directly onto the screen

TV screens are highly sensitive to overwhelming amounts of anything liquid. That’s why you should always remember not to spray cleaning solutions directly onto the screen. If you do this, it can result in a far bigger problem than just dust or stains interfering with your favorite show.

3. Use a soft vacuum brush to remove dust particles

One way to keep your TV screen clean is by using a soft vacuum brush to gently remove dust particles around the surface. Simply go through the affected area with the vacuum brush and hover at it lightly until the dirt is removed.

4. Refer to the manual for cleaning instructions

To ensure that you’re doing the right cleaning procedure for your TV screen, check the user manual for cleaning instructions. This is because each TV manufacturer can require a unique cleaning process than the other. So whether you have a Samsung, LG, Panasonic or Sony for a flatscreen TV set, it always pays to check the user manual first.

5. Keep away from harmful chemical cleaning products

As much as possible, stick to cleaning materials that are specially designed for TV screens. Using all-purpose cleaners and other similar cleaning solutions can have the opposite effect on your TV screen.

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