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Your Complete Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

April 22, 2020

The bathroom is considered as one of the most sacred places in a house. It’s a place where one can receive total privacy for the purpose of relaxation, self-care and personal wellness. This is also the reason why a bathroom happens to be one of the places requiring constant attention when it comes to cleaning and sanitation. To preserve the feeling of solace and comfort that a bathroom brings to its occupants, it needs to be in pristine condition at all times. That is why bathrooms should be cleaned regularly and properly, with deep quality cleaning being done at least once a week.

In this article, we will show you a comprehensive bathroom cleaning checklist guide — from the cleaning materials that you will be needing, the important areas you need to scrub, and all the way to the hacks that you can use to maximize your time and effort when doing the whole thing.

The Complete Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

  1. Clean your bathtub and shower - The first and main area that you need to target when it comes to bathroom cleaning is the shower or the bathtub. Since you use them everyday to clean yourself before you get your day started or after you come from home work, they can easily accumulate dirt and marks that prove difficult to remove. To tidy up your bath area, just get a spray with cleaner and scrub the walls from top to bottom. Rinse with water afterwards until any trace of soap is eliminated. Alternatively, if you’re the type who wants to use all-natural cleaning materials, just replace the cleaner with a quarter cup of vinegar, a few drops of lemon-scented essential oil and a gentle dish detergent and water. You can use this cleaning solution instead for a more au naturale approach to your bathroom.
  1. Clean and shine your bathroom mirror - To clean your bathroom mirror, get a spray filled with cleaner and spritz the whole thing and wipe it afterwards. You can also use a mixture of glass cleaner or dishwashing liquid and water to wipe the mirror.
  1. Scrub the bathroom sink clean - Clean the bathroom sink and the vanity by using a damp cloth with a cleaning solution or dishwashing liquid. Wipe it on the surface of the sink and rinse before going over the area for a second time. The reason why you need to do this more than once is to eliminate the germs that may have accumulated on the surface while also restoring the mirror back to its original shiny appearance. Additionally, you can scrape away any solid particles that have built up on the surface of the sink by using an old credit card.
  1. Mop and wipe the floor clean - Get a sponge and dip it into a water and cleaner solution. Then work your way by wiping the bathroom floor from the farthest corner of the bathroom. Afterwards, work your way towards the bathroom door and clean the floor from left to right. Once you’re done, get a mop and repeat the cleaning motion until the floor has restored back to its original spotless state. Rinse and drain the mop in a bucket full of clean water and repeat until you’re satisfied.
  1. Clean the toilet bowl - To clean the bowl of your toilet, mix a liquid cleaning solution together with water and scrub the entire area with a toilet brush. To save time and effort, you must leave the solution in the interior and exterior of the bowl for quite some time and rinse afterwards.
  1. Clean the trash and empty the laundry hamper - To disinfect and sanitize the containers inside the bathroom, spray every basket with an all-purpose cleaner and finish it off by wiping them with disinfectant wipes.
  1. Wipe the shower rods and clean the strings - Aside from cleaning the shower area, you also need to make sure that the rods and strings of the shower are always kept clean and spotless. To do this, simply get a dampened cloth with water and dishwashing liquid. Gently swipe through each rod and curtain until every dust or dirt is removed.
  1. Clean and organize the bathroom cabinets - Part of cleaning the bathroom is also decluttering the bathroom cabinet and ridding it off with unnecessary items and empty bathroom essentials. To clean the cabinet, simply utilize a cloth dampened with water and a gentle antibacterial cleaner. Wipe through each corner and remove dust that has accumulated. Once done, wipe it with a clean cloth to finish.
  1. Wipe and clean the faucet - Since the faucet is prone to accumulating dirt and limescale, wiping and cleaning it should always be at the top of your bathroom cleaning priority. Use a cloth dampened with a generous amount of water and cleaning solution. After time has passed, wipe it clean until dirt and limescale are removed.
  1. Wash bathroom rugs - Clean your bathroom rugs by soaking them in a pail or basin filled with detergent and water. For best results, leave the rugs overnight to let the soap work its way through the fabrics thoroughly. You can also use a liquid bleach solution to remove tough stains and fully disinfect the rugs.
  1. Unclog the air vents - To ensure clean and proper ventilation, unclog the air vents and eliminate dust and dirt. Remember, a clean air vent also prevents further accumulation and distribution of dust particles inside the bathroom.
  1. Freshen up the bathroom - After cleaning your bathroom and fixtures, freshen up the area by spraying your favorite scented disinfectant spray. Alternatively, you can use a scented candle and even an air freshener to keep the bathroom smelling extra fresh and clean.

You can also grab a copy of our checklist by saving the image below!

Bathroom Cleaning and Home Maintenance Done Right

Keeping your bathroom clean at all times is very important for your hygiene and wellness. Since this is your most personal place at home, it always needs to be clean and extra tidy. Apart from your bathroom, shower and sink area, good hygiene also extends to other areas in your home — such as your bedroom, kitchen, living room and all the way to your fixtures and appliances. That’s why you need a regular cleaning schedule and routine that can make a clean and healthy home a reality.

If you need a professional home cleaning service to save time and help you with bathroom cleaning, deep cleaning, or the full scope of home maintenance, drop us a call here at Homefresh! Our team of friendly cleaning experts will leave no stain untouched and no corner unchecked. Book us now and experience quality home cleaning and service in an instant.

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