5 Most Common Types of Mops in Home Cleaning

January 8, 2015

Ever wondered which mop you should pick? Which is the best to clean the household? Check out this post to find out more regarding the different types of mops as well as the advantages and the disadvantages of each one! Read below to find out about home cleaning!

1. Rag Mops

Rag mops

Rag mops are a more old-fashioned style of mop that uses rags or strings on the mop head to absorb water.

Pro’s : More absorbent, get into corners and tight spaces very well. Good for edge cleaning.
Con’s : Difficult to maintain, mop heads must be rinsed thoroughly to keep odors and germs away.

2. Roller Mops

roller mop

The roller mop uses a set of rollers near the mop head to squeeze out excess water.

Pro’s : Easier to use, does not use a lot of energy as roller mechanism helps to squeeze out excess water.
Con’s : More expensive than rag mops.

3. Self-Wringing Mops

Self-wringing mops

Self-wringing mops have a mechanism on the handle or on the mop head to wring themselves out after rinsing.

Pro’s : Easy to use, no hunching needed to squeeze excess water out.
Con’s : Cost higher & slightly dangerous due to chances of wringing fingers if not careful.

4. Dust Mops

dust mops

A dry mop, made of microfiber material to attract and hold onto dust.

Pro’s : Good for reaching for high ceiling corners, and out of reach places.
Con’s : Have to consistently wash mop, to prevent build up of dust.

5. Steam Mops

steam mops

Tanks are filled with water to release steam, usually by a trigger system.

Pro’s : Washable, reusable mopping pads. Helps to disinfect floor while cleaning. Great for hard surface floor types.
Con’s : Not recommended for wood floors and more expensive.


Every mop has its advantages & disadvantages but the mop that outshines the rest would be the string/rag mop. Why?

  1. It’s useful for cleaning tight spaces.
  2. Lightweight, not heavy like steam mop.
  3. Extremely absorbent as compared to other mops.
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