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20 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

September 18, 2019

Making your home smell amazing requires dedication, commitment, and sometimes, a quick fix. When guests come unannounced, you don't want them to know about the toast you just burnt. We have, thus, compiled a list of budget-friendly and all-natural tricks that you can use to freshen up your home in just a few minutes.

1. Make a simmering potpourri pot

The scent from the simmering potpourri pot will permeate your entire home and fill it with a beautiful smell. To make your vanilla floral simmering potpourri pot, add half a cup of lavender petals and another half cup of dried rose petals to a pot of boiling water. Add a few sprigs of rosemary and about one teaspoon of vanilla extract.

2. Get rid of the yuck in your garbage disposal

Use liquid dish washing soap to get rid of the dirt in the garbage disposal. Use kosher salt to remove any slimy dregs. Next, pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain, followed half a cup of vinegar. Flush with water. End by spraying a citrusy fragrance.

3. Deep clean your fridge

While deep cleaning your fridge, the first thing to do is to switch off the circuit. Remove all food items and clean shelves and drawers with a homemade baking soda-water cleaner. Use the same cleaning solution to clean the inside of the fridge carefully. Do not forget to clean the gaskets and seals. Finish by vacuuming the coils.

4. Deep clean rugs and upholstery

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to deep clean softer fabrics without the help of a professional. You will have to buy mild shampoo to avoid harming your carpet and upholstery. Start by vacuuming all surfaces. Next, do a color test to make sure the color won't bleed. Once assured, rinse all soft surfaces. You can either use a commercial steamer or a dry-wet vacuum cleaner to dry.

5. Make your carpets smell good

Sprinkle baking soda all over your carpet. Baking soda will not only remove any pungent odor from the carpet but will also absorb any moisture present, thereby adding to your carpet's life. One can also deodorize a carpet with vinegar or vodka.

6. Take care of that smelly oven

Smelly ovens can be disconcerting. An easy way to get rid of the foul odor your oven is exuding is to bake cookies in it. We recommend baking vanilla cookies as vanilla is an overpowering scent and can quickly nullify all odors.

7. Use plants to make your house smell good the natural way

Plants are an excellent way of naturally making every room smell great. However, be careful while choosing plants for your home. Indoor flowering plants may look beautiful, but they attract pollinators, which can be a significant nuisance. Thus, rule in favor of aromatic plants like Eucalyptus, Jasminum Polyanthum, Cuban Oregano, Gardenia, and Meyer Lemon.

8. Decorate your home with scent-filled jars

Scent-filled jars are a natural and non-toxic way of making your home smell great. To make your DIY scent-filled jar, fill a canning jar halfway with baking soda and add 10-20 drops of any essential oil. We recommend using orange, peppermint, dried lavender buds, rosemary, or broken cinnamon sticks. Cover the jar with a cheesecloth and replace the lid.

9. Make your deodorizer air freshener

Many people choose to buy ready-made air fresheners. While these air deodorizers do an excellent job, they may contain toxic chemicals. Thus, attempt a DIY room freshening spray. Fill a spray bottle with 3/4 cups of water. To this, add two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol or vanilla extract. Add in a few drops of your favorite essential oils and your room freshener is ready.

10. Make a room freshener to add to your air vent

If you have central air conditioning, adding a fragrant air freshener to the vent is an easy way of making your home smell amazing. Many different kinds of room fresheners can be added to an air vent -- sachets, essential oils, dryer sheets, etc. However, if you are on a budget, we recommend a homemade room freshener.

11. Use dryer sheets to get rid of any smell

Dryer sheets are incredibly versatile and can effectively serve many purposes. Put dryer sheets in garbage bins, closets, and dressers to nullify any smell coming out of them. You can also use them to make a room freshener.

12. Cute coffee bean votives are the best

Almost everyone has votive candles lying around at home. Use these votive candles to create coffee bean votive decorative pieces that will add to your home's aesthetic appeal while also making it smell refreshing.

13. Get rid of the stink from the stinky shoes

If you want your home to smell amazing, get rid of all stinky shoes. Washing shoes is not always an option as shoes can take forever to dry. Use dry shampoo. Spray it on soles and top to get rid of any irritating smell.

14. Reach out for candles

Today, candles are available in all shapes, colors, and designs. Take advantage of the wide variety available and pick pieces that will add to your home's visual appeal while making it smell great. If you are using candles primarily to get rid of any smells, place them strategically to accentuate their effect.

15. Your air filters need your attention

To make your whole house smell amazing, add either vanilla extract or your favorite essential oil to air filters. Add only a few drops and do not saturate the filter.

16. Make a scented cleaning spray

To make your scented cleaning spray, mix half a cup of vinegar to half a cup of water. Add a few lemon rinds and rosemary sprigs to the mixture. Store in a spraying bottle and use it when needed.

17. Replace electric air fresheners with natural diffusers

Electric air fresheners are expensive and use toxic chemicals. We recommend switching to natural air fresheners. For a natural air freshener, all you have to do diffuse essential oils in a diffuser.

18. Leave windows open for a few hours each day

Welcome nature and fresh air into your house by leaving the windows open for at least a few hours each day. If you have a fireplace or wood stove, air out your home every day. If you don't have a fireplace, make it a point to air out your home at least on each alternative day.

19. Reach out for odor neutralizers

Odor neutralizers do an excellent job of removing unpleasant odors. There are many different types of odor neutralizers available in the market. However, if you want to make a homemade odor neutralizer, add two teaspoons of baking soda to one and a half cups of distilled water. Add two tablespoons of lemon juice and you are done.

20. Tackle moisture if you want the musty smells to go

Believe it or not, moisture is your home's first mortal enemy. Other than slowly destroying your house, it also leads to a musty smell, especially during summers. To get rid of musty smells, air out your home for at least a few minutes each day. Use ventilation fans to enhance air circulation. If nothing works, consider using an odor eliminator.

If none of these DIY tricks work for you, you can contact Homefresh for their home cleaning premium services.

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