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Jurong West is a residential town and planning area based in Singapore’s West Region. It shares boundaries with Western Water Catchment to the west, Pioneer and Boon Lay to the south, Jurong East to the east, and Tengah to the north. Jurong West was initially a forested area and is undergoing quick developments under the ambitious goals of the Singapore Housing Development Board to make it a fully mature housing estate region. With a total of approximately 94,000 private and public housing units, Jurong West is currently divided into 9 subzones. These are Yunnan, Wenya, Taman Jurong, Safti, Kian Teck, Jurong West Central, Hong Kah, Chin Bee, and Boon Lay Place. As of 2018, the area accommodates nearly 267,000 residents, most of whom are in the working population. There are 2 main rivers in Jurong West, Sungei Lanchar and Sungei Jurong, which both run throughout the area with a system of green connectors alongside the banks. The New Town is connected to other parts of the country through three MRT stations: Pioneer, Boon Lay, and Lakeside. There are also 25 educational institutions in the region, including primary schools, secondary schools, and international schools.


Over the past decades, the Housing and Development is trying to transform Jurong West into a fully mature area of housing estate with many projects. Currently, there are early 94,000 private and public housing units in the area with the following type:
Public Housing or HDB Flats
HDB stands for the Housing Development Board, a Singaporean government agency that develops and manages the majority of public housing projects in the country. Since Jurong West is home to a mainly working-class population with low to middle incomes, it is no surprise that public housing is the most popular option here. In addition to being an affordable housing option, these types of flats are usually located in self-contained communities that are close to a variety of amenities and facilities. These buildings are also usually built near bus stops and train stations to make it easy for residents to commute.
Private Housing
This type of housing often requires high cost of maintenance in exchange for privacy and the freedom to customize your living quarters. Types of private housing can be divided into terrace houses, detached houses, semi-detached houses, and shophouses. This type of housing is the most popular option for wealthy people and foreigners.
Public-Private Hybrids
Public-private hybrid properties, also known as “executive condominiums,” are characterized by their five-year minimum period of occupation. This means you have to leave at least five years living in the flat before being granted the right to sell. These buildings are often constructed and managed by private real estate companies and are surrounded by many exclusive facilities and services. Due to these premium amenities, the prices for executive condominiums are obviously higher than public housing.

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If you are wondering why you should hire a domestic helper, then there might be a long list of reasons why you should not: it is a sign of your laziness or you cannot afford it. But have you ever thought of its benefits? In fact, hiring an hourly maid service can bring many benefits which can outweigh these drawbacks. Let’s see how.
Balancing your full-time work and household chores can be quite the challenge. With the help of a professional domestic helper, you can redirect your energy and priorities into what's truly important: your career. Enjoy the luxury of time and leisure by letting a home cleaning service do all the work for you.
Do you remember all those times when your mother tried to show you how to clean? Then you must agree that cleaning is not as simple as it turns out. In fact, there are so many techniques and tricks that you can apply to make sure everything is cleaned properly. Of course, that won’t be something that you really enjoy. Thus, it is better to leave them to somebody who are professional and experienced.
While doing household tasks on your own can save some money, it can be also costly to purchase cleaning tools and solutions. Moreover, these items can consume a lot of space in your small. Therefore, it is better to hire an hourly cleaning service because they will visit your house with the right supplies.

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