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Bukit Timah is a residential estate and planning area based in the westernmost region of Singapore’s Central Region. It is bordered by Bukit Batok in the west, Novena in the east, Clementi in the southwest, Tanglin in the southeast, Queenstown in the south, Bukit Panjang in the northwest, and Center Water Catchment in the north. Before the 60s, Bukit Timah consisted mainly of plantations and farms until high-rise flats and industrial buildings were built. These days, the infrastructures are replaced with luxury condominiums, terraces, and bungalows, making it a premier residential district in the country. Today, Bukit Timah is a particularly prominent area with high land value. There are six MRT stations in Bukit Timah, which span two lines: Circle Line and Downtown Line. Also the region is known to be home to many elite schools, as well as international schools due to a large number of expatriates residing in the area. In 1999, the Grandstand, which hosts childcare services, food outlets, and a giant supermarket, was constructed to meet the needs of the residents.


Compared to other neighboring areas, Bukit Timah has little government-funded housing developments. Instead, the region comes with one of the highest densities of private blocks in Singapore with many luxury condominiums, terraces, and bungalows.
Private Housing
Bungalows and terraces are private properties which are quite popular in this planning area. They are often single or second-story detached or non-detached houses that contain small gardens or backyards. In a land-scarce country like Singapore, this type of housing is typically expensive compared to condominiums and HDB flats. Thus, residents in this region are usually expatriates and wealthy Singaporeans.
Another common type of housing in Bukit Timah are condominiums, which include a variety of independent flats and private apartments. In most cases, condominiums are divided into a few units which are separately owned by the residents. All blocks are located in common areas which are jointly owned by a specific company. Since these projects are developed by private firms, the prices are often higher than public housing, but lower than landed properties.
Public Housing or HDB Flats
The Bukit Timah area also has numerous public housing developments organized by HDB. However, the number of blocks is much lower than those in other towns, as the value of land is extremely high in Bukit Timah.

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One of the most important things that everyone wants in their home is a cozy and clean space to live. And the only way to achieve this is regular cleaning and maintenance. The problem is that not all of us have enough time to perform these tasks due to busy schedules at school or work. Luckily, there is a variety of hourly cleaning service out there that can help you with it. Indeed, there are many other benefits of having a helper in your home:
As a highly developed and premier planning area in Singapore, most of the residents in Bukit Timah might want their luxury bungalows or flats always clean when they come home. And the simplest to get it is to hire a domestic helper and let the professional do the job for you. Now you would spend your leisure time after work with your family or for other hobbies.
Furniture and other decors might be costly items in your home. Just like any other things, if you do not clean these parts for a long time, moistures, heat, dust, and other elements can build up and damage them. By hiring a maid service, you can be sure to get rid of these damaging factor and keep your valuable items as long as possible. Keep in mind that the cost of a helper is far lower than the expenses of purchasing a new luxury sofa or replacing new carpets.
Perhaps the most important benefit of having a helper is that it could ensure your living environment is always healthy and clean. No matter where you are living, there will be always many harmful elements like bacteria or mold which can build up over time and cause many health issues. The only way to keep them from causing diseases is to get rid of them on a regular basis. With the right methods and tools, a house cleaner will bring wellness to your family.

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