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Bukit Merah is a new town and planning area located in the southernmost area of Singapore’s Central Region. It borders Queenstown in the west, Tanglin in the north, Outram, Downtown Core, and Central Area’s Singapore River planning area in the east. Also, it shares the same maritime border with the Southern Islands based on the southernmost point. Being home to approximately 150,000 residents, Bukit Merah is the most populous planning region in the Central Region and the tenth most populous area in Singapore. Before industrialization, Bukit Merah was a center of the developing heavy industry market, with many mills and brickwork factories present. The town is also home to Tiong Bahru, the first housing estate in Singapore. The public housing situation is cited as the basis for the area’s rapidly growing population over the past few decades. Currently, Bukit Merah is divided into 11 subzones, including Tion Bahru, Telok Blangah, Singapore General Hospital, Redhill, Henderson, HarbourFront, Everton Park, Depot Road, Bukit Merah Central, Bukit Ho Swee, and Alexandra. There are five MRT stations which serve Bukit Merah across three lines: North East, Circle Line, and East West. Also, there is 1 bus terminal and 2 bus interchanges in the New Town. The planning area has many primary schools, secondary schools, and tertiary institutions.

Types of Housing in Bukit Merah

As the most populous planning area in the Central Region, the housing market in Bukit Merah is highly developed. Basically, you can find 4 types of housing there. These include:
Public Housing or HDB Flats
As is the case with most regions of Singapore, public housing is the most popular housing option due to the affordable prices for rent and purchase. They are built and managed by the HDB to ensure that even individuals in the low-income bracket can afford housing. Aside from the affordable rates, other important benefits of living in public housing is the accessibility to nearby facilities such as schools, food centers, malls, supermarkets, and shops.
Condominiums, also known as private apartments, are typically more expensive than most HDB flats. However, residents can enjoy a better quality of life thanks to the availability of many services and facilities in the area. Condominiums are a popular option for many foreigners and young couples who desire freedom and flexibility in their lifestyles.
Private Housing
Due to their exorbitant prices, these are not popular options in the area. However, a landed house offers privacy, a spacious living area, and the option of owning a personalized abode. Most private properties also come with massive gardens, owners experience unrestricted development rights. Many Singaporeans consider private housing to be their ultimate goal.

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Regardless of your house’ size, design, or style, keeping it clean is always an important task. However, not everyone has enough time to achieve that. This results in many issues associated with organization and hygiene. In these cases, the simplest and most effective option seems to be hiring a house cleaning service. There are three main reasons why it is a good idea.
Healthy Lifestyle
First, having your flat cleaned on a regular basis house helper is the quickest solution to ensure that it is clean and beautiful at all times. In fact, it is recommended to do this task at least two to three times per week. Otherwise, harmful components such as dust, dirt, pollen particles, or bacteria will accumulate and cause some health issues. With an hourly maid service, there will be no ideal environment for these things, so that you can enjoy a healthy life with family.
Save Your Time and Effort
Second, maid service will help you save a lot of time and effort. Most of the cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, washing, or brushing are actually more difficult than you though. There are many methods, tools, and steps involved to ensure everything is done properly. If you don’t have any experience, it is likely to consume a lot of time or result in an unsatisfying home. So why don’t you leave it to an experienced helper who has performed these tasks for years with dedication?
Optimal Option
Third, cleaning your house regularly with an hourly maid service will help maintain or increase the value of your home. The helpers will help you keep your furniture, carpets, and other items in the family free of dust or mold. This will extend their lifespan and save to a lot of money on a replacement.

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